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The long-awaited first edition of the N I N E series is FINALLY HERE! 

N I N E is a heartfelt, controversial, coming of age melodrama about the breakdown of Storie Stone, a lionhearted, analytical, self-aware black sheep with a Superman complex. Her unmeasured devotion to never being like the women in her family leads her to learn life and love on her own terms. Everyone else has long accepted that dreams are to stay in your head and the objective of life is to work and pay bills. But the fact that no one thought to venture outside of that theory made Storie an outcast. 

Her insubordinate focus leaves no air in her affections for neither men nor their want of commitment. Thus after watching all of the women that assisted in raising her fall victim to the curse of soul ties. Adamant about traveling her own path and living out her lifelong dream of being a worldwide entertainer, Storie Stone goes against the grain and attends famous HBCU, Grambling State University simply to become knowledgeable about the industry she longs to take over.

But as fate would have it Storie must travel the elevated levels of maturation. In the level of love she meets Chavid Bueler, a fighter turned lover who isn't intimidated by her strength and captures her heart in nine days. Thus catapulting an unexpected whirlwind romance that teaches both of them more about life than any prerequisite or collegiate professor could fathom, leaving it up to them to figure out if dreams are really worth more than love.