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This Is For My Foodies!

Hello all and Happy March!

It has been brought to my attention that there is a fat person that lives inside all of us.

With that being fact, I felt like having someone that can inform you of where all the good meals and desserts are located in a very popular tourist city is a top tier preference. Sort of like a food GPS? So, the fat girl in me is very happy to announce that I am going to start giving you updates on the best restaurants in Georgia! Everything from Italian to Jamaican, we’re going to talk about, in the midst of other things. I felt like it would be very powerful for those that already live here and don’t really know where to go get some good grub, and/or those who plan to visit and want to know what spots are absolutely mandated to eat at before returning home. I decided to indulge in this for obvious reasons, but more so because I’m not a native of Georgia, so finding good food on my own was a bit of a task for me. If I didn’t feel like cooking or it was my turn to pick the place for date night, I was up a creek. Like most people I visited first and then later on decided that this is where I wanted to live my life, so the food transition was a little scary. Moving here from a very metropolitan city–Chicago, Illinois, I became accustomed to the variety of foods throughout the different areas. If I wanted authentic Chinese, a train ride to Chinatown was all it took. If I wanted an Italian beef, I knew that I had to make way to Roosevelt and Pulaski or even pizza, Lou Malnati’s, Giordano’s or even Bacci’s had me covered. Unfortunately, Georgia doesn’t have all of those places, but they have a lot of their own unique eateries.

Fortunately for me, I now have very diverse taste buds so I’m always willing to try something new that looks tasty. I’ve been in Georgia a little over 2 years now and to date I can name about 15 of my favorite places to eat. But today we are shining the spotlight on a newer restaurant by the name of Pauley’s. Located at 935 Marietta St NW, Atlanta,Ga, they specialize in crepes. A crepe is a very thin pancake, often wrapped around a sweet or savory filling. Before visiing the establishment, I was able to speak with the general manager a gentleman that goes by @Shaad_J on Twitter. He informed me and the rest of his followers that Pauley’s had been open about 2 years and that traffic wasn’t all that hot. But of course introducing anything good to Black Twitter only makes it better. He was so cool and informative that it made me want to visit the place and see what it was all about. Boo and I went on a Friday night about 9:30 and it was a light crowd, not too many people, but enough to where we trusted the atmosphere enough to eat there. We were greeted immediately by a beautiful hostess and seated shortly after. What set my sights on fire before even getting into the restaurant was the FREE PARKING! This restaurant is in Midtown, a very business area in Atlanta and parking is horrendous! OH EMM GEE. But the free parking garage and surrounding areas was a plus for me right off the bat. So kudos to Pauley’s for that.

Pauley’s was in Athens, Georgia before moving to Midtown and the opening back in 2016 was highly anticipated! So much that it was featured in Zagats for Most Anticipated Restaurants in 2016. I could definitely understand why the place was beautiful. Everything from the tall, wide glass windows throughout the space to the endless amount of seating was eyecatching. The view was perfect, they have an outside area as well that will be so lit for day parties. The menu was very well thought out. It was easy to understand and there was alot to choose from regardless of if you were in the mood for something sweet or something hearty they had it. I had the Southwestern crepe, equipped with well seasoned chicken and fresh red onions and chives. Boo loves beef so he took a chance on the brisket with the horseraddish bbq and was NOT disappointed. It was tender, juicy and worked so well with the blue cheese gorgonzola.Most restaurants I visit they take preference to drinks made with white liquor, (I.e vodka, tequila, rum). But Pauley’s has a drink called the AC Slater, made with Crown Royal (my favorite), gingerale and pineapple juice. It too hit the spot. It wasn’t over powering, but it got the job done. I don’t too much care for alcohol with my food, but that went well with the chicken. After eating we noticed they had board games like Monopoly and LIFE, and I even saw UNO cards too. Only adding fun to the experience of hanging out. On the weekends they have bruch from 10 am -4 and I made a promise to myself to go back because I’d never be able to move on if I don’t try the Apple pie crepe!

I give Pauley’s a 10/10, the food, drinks, atmosphere, and service was stellar! Again they are located at 935 Marietta St. NW in ATL. Tell them Rie sent you!

With Love,

Storie Stone

The Storie Will Be Televised

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