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Welcome To My World

*Pops tongue*

So I'm sure you all are wondering where all of this new shit has come from with me. By new shit I mean blogs, vlogs, and the advice column. And to be perfectly honest, it's been a lifelong dream to jump into this and share it with each of you.

If anyone has read even a single piece by me, you're aware that being a writer wasn't necessarily "The Goal". However, when God calls on you to do something and be somewhere. I think it's important that you not only be still enough to listen to him, but obedient enough to do as He instructs alwhile trusting that He would never tell you anything wrong. I fought and kicked away the idea of writing to reach the masses for a very long time,because I made myself believe that persuing this dream was the equivalent of me giving up on my initial dream, music. I felt like the world had enough bloggers or "influencers" so, I didn't think there was any room left for me and what it is that I thought I wanted to do. But, as I began to complete my first novel N I N E, which will be available for purchase very soon on this exact site, I started to really reflect on the lives that my words had touched and changed even.

I found myself screen shotting mutiple comments and messages from young women around the globe letting me know that I was an inspiration to them. Proving to me that my struggle has not be in vain and that this was exactly what I am supposed to be doing. I followed the love and it lead me here to this site pouring out my heart to y'all and hoping that y'all love this as much as I do. While in college I started to think back on the different stigmas and stereotypes that I had avoided solely due to the decisions that I made for my life.

I chose to not get pregnant in high school, because I seen how that negatively effected so many of the women around me. But being the oldest product of a teen mom and a tenant of Section 8 housing was all I needed to know that I wasn't interested in that route. After surviving that and making my way to Grambling State University all the way from the west side of Chicago, I started to recognize that I was different. I wanted different. I needed different. Four years later, after walking across the stage as a first generation college graduate, still without children and degree in hand, I started to call myself the Exception To The Rule. And so it began. I began to ensure that the choices I made for my life were those that only I wanted to. Not what anybody else wanted for me, or what anybody else was doing. I was the exception to the rule about young black girls from the hood. I had made it o u t.

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